1.are you a factory or a trading company?

we are a factory which specializes in manufacturing hotel supplies for nearly 20 years.

2.Is it possible to order a sample and what is a price?

Yes, we can send you sample without logo for free,you just need to pay $50 for shipping cost.

4.Are you able to provide custom packaging?

Yes,you can send your design to us.

3.What kinds of bamboo toothbrushes do you have? such as handel and bristles.

We have different kinds of handle,you can find it in the product details.

You can choose different hardness and colours of bristles, we support up to four mix colors.

5.can you do OEM?

Yes,we can do OEM products.

6.Do you have any toothbrush cases for travel to add to the set?

Yes,we have carton,bamboo tube,transparent plastic tube or as your request.